steve ballmer Net Worth - Check out here

Steve Ballmer is an American businessman and sports team owner who has a net worth of $92 billion.

steve Ballmer is best known for his association with Microsoft and for owning the Los Angeles Clippers.

The vast majority of Steve Ballmer's net worth is derived from his 333.3 million shares of Microsoft stock

In 2000, the balance of power transitioned from Gates to Ballmer, and he became the company's new CEO.

he has sold $3.4 billion worth of stock and collected roughly $4.5 billion from dividends.

During his tenure as CEO of Microsoft, Ballmer earned a total salary of approximately $1.275 million.

Ballmer had purchased a property in Hunts Point, Washington for $9.8 million. The historic home was built in 1902 and features 3,790 square feet of living space and roughly one acre of land.

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