Sergey Brin Net Worth - Check out here

Sergey Brin’s net worth is approximated to be around $127 Billion. Sergey Brin is one of the world’s most successful business magnates, entrepreneurs, and computer scientists.

He Is one of the richest people in the world, ranking 7th in the list.

Sergey Brin is known as the founder of Google with Larry Page. Together they created Google, which currently is a multi-billion company.

Sergey has also been the President of Alphabet INC. Which is known as the parent company of Google.

Sergey Brin is a very successful computer scientist too, and an internet entrepreneur.

He lives in America, and has plenty of properties there, like the one in California, New York, etc. He also has properties in Russia, where he was born.

Sergey Brin owns a variety of cars, specially a Tesla Roadster

He also has a Jaguar F type, Toyota Prius, Ford Model T, and various other cars.

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