Sahil Rana (AS Gaming) Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Income

In the world of gaming, there will be hardly any person in India who has not heard the name of AS Gaming channel and has not subscribed to their  Youtube channel.
Yes! Friends  AS Gaming has become a very big  Gaming YouTube channel of India in today’s time. The name of the owner of AS Gaming channel is  Sahil Rana
He lives with his family in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This channel has made 10.6  Million Subscribers on its channel in a very short time. 
Friends, you can guess for yourself that it is not easy for any Youtuber to make so many Subscribers. For this, you have to work hard day and night. But Sahil Rana has achieved this position in a very short time.

AS Gaming biography

Nick Name Sahil
Name Sahil Rana
Profession Gamer, Youtuber
D. O. B 2002
Age 18 Years
Birth Place Solan, Himachal Pradesh
Home Town Solan, Himachal Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Gender Male
Height 5′ 7″
Weight 60 kg
Marital Status Unmarried
Religion Hindu
Cast Jaat
Fathers Name Not Known
Mothers Name Not Known
Educational Status Students
Hobbies Video games, Traveling
Favorite Game
YouTube Channel AS Gaming


Techno Gamerz youtube career

Sahil Rana, popularly known as AS Gaming, loved playing games since childhood. He was fond of playing games on video games since childhood. When he grew up, he was given a mobile phone with 4 GB RAM.

After some time Sahil created his own tech channel on YouTube and he started uploading his tech videos on it because Sahil was very interested in tech from the beginning. But this tech channel of Sahil could not run for long. The reason for this was very few views on his videos! While they always share the links of their videos on social media sites.

Due to low views where other YouTubers get frustrated and close their channel! While Sahil didn’t give up, he made up his mind that he wanted to become a successful YouTuber.

At that time he noticed that the demand for gaming channels was increasing. At the same time, Sahil started his own gaming channel named AS Gaming and started uploading videos of Free Fire games on it. At that time free fire games used to go on trending.

At that time, Sahil used to have a mobile phone with 4GB of RAM in which he used to record the videos of his games while playing the game through the screen recorder. When Sahil started uploading videos of Free Fire on his channel, people started liking his videos because there was no creator of Free Fire games on YouTube at that time.

Sahil worked hard for his channel. At that time he used to record his videos playing online games and upload them on his channel. But the problem was that at that time only 2 GB daily data was given by the company on his mobile which was very little. Sometimes the game would stop due to running out of data in between.

But despite all the difficulties, Sahil made 50 thousand subscribers on the basis of his hard work. But after that suddenly the growth of his channel stopped. Now his channel gets neither views nor subscribers, Sahil was so disappointed that once he made up his mind to delete his channel! But due to having 50 thousand subscribers, they felt that there are so many subscribers on my channel. After that Sahil uploaded a video that went viral and got 1 lakh subscribers. After this, he also got payment from YouTube.

When Sahil told this to his family members, they were very happy and they supported Sahil a lot.

With his earnings, Sahil bought his own PC and he started creating even better content from it. Millions of views started coming after seeing his videos.

Today the result of Sahil’s hard work is that his channel has got 10.6 million subscribers and his channel AS Gaming has become one of the biggest gaming channels in India.

AS Gaming channel videos

In today’s time, apart from Factory King Free Fire on AS Gaming channel, you will get to see a total of 429 videos including videos of the most popular game PUBG.

However, when he started the channel, he used to play games like Free Fire. You can also play games with them in live streaming by joining their channel.

AS Gaming income

Talking about the earnings of AS Gaming channel, Sahil Rana earns every month in many ways. Including sponsor videos, brand promotion, and Adsense.

By Sahil, Rana Socialblade assumed $38.9K – $622.4K to earn every month from your channel. Talking about his annual income, he earns up to $466.8K – $7.5M for the year from this channel.

AS Gaming Social Media

Discord AsGaming
Facebook AS Gaming
Instagram Sahil Rana
Twitter ytasgaming
YouTube1 A_S Gaming
Youtube 2 A_S Army


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