How Does Spying on Cell Phone Add Up Into Positive Parenting?

Parents can now use spying software for cell phones as a way of positive parenting!

Children nowadays are adapting to advanced technology faster than adults. One absence from the parents and young people are ready to dive into the dangers advanced technology has. On the other side, however, parents can use this advance technology as a stepping stone into positive parenting.

Most, if not all, parents are working 8 hours or more in a day. Children are at school 8 hours a day and even stayed outdoors after class. Some working parents are relying on someone to look out for their children while they were working. However, trust issues continue to rise as children started becoming victims of sexual and physical abuse. Thus, being away from their children longer than they ought to be was harder for the parents. The stress of worrying about their responsibilities, especially the young ones’ safety and the demands of their work, often took a toll on most parents.

Parents who can maintain the balance between family and work make sacrifices to become successful in this area, and that includes neglecting their selves.

Good thing that advanced technology includes spy software helps already successful parents minimize the sacrifices in their part, particularly giving them ample time for themselves, and provide those parents that are still struggling with balancing responsibilities a peace of mind. Spy apps provide features that include monitoring their children’s activities during the day that they were not together.

Several pieces of research conducted found that spending more time with your children can help improve their relationship with you and boost their confidence in telling you about their activities during the day.

Knowing what their hobbies are, what they liked to do, and what they wanted to watch are a few things to start a bond with them.

One of the features these best cell phone spy apps have is that parents can access to their devices and view their social media posts, messages, and activities. What sites are they visiting the most? This way, even without asking them about it, you will be updated.

Staying up-to-date can also improve parents’ relationships with their children as parents will be able to relate to the social media their children are using, especially that many social media are popping out everywhere. What are these social media sites about? What are the pros and cons, and how can I make my child aware of those? Spying software can help you discover more about their online activities more than you can imagine.

There are many activities school has, and one of these is a field trip. Since this is an outdoor activity, it could be that they may not stay by their teachers’ side all the time and would want to explore the place with their friends. Along with a gentle reminder to stay together with the group, you can use the GPS in the spy software to track your child’s location, whether you are tagging along in the trip or you are in your house or work.

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Is Cell Phone Spy Software Remote Installation Possible?

When you are thinking of monitoring a mobile phone, there are questions that need to be asked, such as “Can you spy on a phone without access to it?” or “Is it possible to remotely install a cell phone monitoring app on a target phone?”. The quick answer is yes to the first question but you need to install the software first. The second question’s answer is a huge resounding no. You need to have the phone in hand for you to install the monitoring app on it. Android phones need to have the app installed using its browser. iPhones, on the other hand, need the app installed using iCloud.

Does it Take a Lot of Time to Install a Cell Phone Monitoring App?

For powerful monitoring apps, like Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile, it only takes around 5 minutes to download and install the apps. You can install the apps on iPhones and Android phones without jail-breaking or rooting them since the apps are supported by iOS and Android operating systems.

But for other, less powerful apps, you may need to root or jail-break the phone since Android and iOS do not usually allow monitoring software to be installed. However, here are the approximate amount of time needed to install monitoring apps in different situations.

Installing on rooted Android phone – It takes around 25 minutes total to install any app. Rooting takes 20 minutes to complete then the installation takes 5 minutes.

Installing on jailbroken iPhone – It would take around 15 minutes to finish jailbreaking an iPhone and another 5 minutes to install the monitoring app. The time totals to around 20 minutes.

Installing on non-rooted Android phone – Impossible for most apps since they would need to have the phone rooted to be installed. For Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile, it would only take 5 minutes to install.

Installing on non-jailbroken iPhone – Impossible for less powerful apps since the phone would need to be jailbroken. For other apps with the No Jailbreak solution, it would take 8 minutes for reconfiguring and setting up iCloud and 2 minutes to install. Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy only needs 5 minutes to install without jailbreaking.

It is important that you find a monitoring app that can be installed without any modifications to the phone, like rooting or jailbreaking. These two methods will actually compromise the security of the phone by allowing just about anything you wanted to do to the phone, including installing apps which would otherwise be banned. Also, rooting and jailbreaking has a chance of bricking the phone. When a phone is bricked, it can’t function anymore since its operating system is shot.

To reduce the chances of bricking and protect the security of your phone, purchase a monitoring app that is supported by both Android and iOS. Two examples of these top apps are Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy, each chock full of useful features, and with an easy and intuitive navigation. Learn more about the top monitoring apps in the market. Visit our website right now!