Why Android Remains Unbeatable

Typically, when people say “Android” what goes into thinking are the different smart phone brands (Samsung, HTC, LG, Oppo, Huawei, Sony, etc.) generalize in one. Technically though, Android is an operating system commonly used by many smart phone manufacturers such earlier mentioned. To date, it is still the largest selling OS by any means of competition.

Its close competitor, iOS, a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Incorporated may have levelled sales to some extent but it cannot fully dominate the world’s smart phone / tablet market because Android will always remain unbeatable because of the following:

  1. Affordability

Android OS-based smart phones and tablets sell units for as low as $40 in developing countries to reach even the low-income class earners. It does not come surprising that an average employee is capable of connecting to the world in real-time like any other techno-savvy individual.

  1. Unprecedented Specs

Depending on your unit, there are way too many specs beneficial to users. Android has always been pioneering on smart phone’s “wireless charging, faster charging, removable batteries, dual-SIM support (which makes it easier to use your phone internationally), dual cameras — all of it is available, and usually available first, outside of Apple’s walls.”  The OS lets utmost customization from (live) backgrounds, alternative keyboards, ROM installs and expandable micro SD (storage capacity).  It goes beyond beauty of the outside but focuses mainly on how convenient it would be for its user. Did I mention it has WATERPROOF phones that Apple never offered?

  1. Market Reach

“Android is for everyone!” This statement from their official website is very much agreeable! Its market reach is not just for professionals or those with high-class statuses but it is built for all people notwithstanding classes and is always readily available.

  1. Never having to Jailbreak

Unlike its competitor where there is a requirement to jailbreak, in Android OS there is no such thing. It does not have this restriction which makes it more convenient for users. With Android OS, you can easily connect with your car, television, or watch in sync with mobile; plus download movies and music from any website or platform.

  1. A LOT of choices

Flagship brands of smart phones / tablets with varying sizes, colors, materials and features each offering different user experience. It gives you more options to compare specs and affordability. It does not pressure you on a particularly “new” unit alone.

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